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SR-99 Tunnel Replacement - Seattle, WA

Architect: HNTB Corporation
General Contractor: Seattle Tunnel Partners
Completion: Fall 2015


Project Description:

Mission Glass has joined the Seattle Tunnel Partners as part of the joint venture design-build team providing the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement. While a large portion of the overall project will be occurring under the streets of Seattle, Mission Glass will be providing glazing systems at the two ventilation towers; one at the South entrance, and the other at the North Exit. The towers are designed with high purity glazing units to allow the public full uninterupted views of the large mechanical units that will help to supply the 1.7 mile long tunnel. These operation buildings are intended to be a visual attraction to draw the public in to experience the buildings' essential function. We will be installing a mix of captured and silicone glazed aluminum systems, along with cutting-edge glass coatings that provide maximum visibility, while still meeting the strict demands of the Seattle energy code. We are excited to get started on such a high-profile project, and can't wait to see how "Bertha", the world's largest tunnel-boring machine, helps to redefine the traffic flow through the heart of Seattle.