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Denny Substation - Seattle, WA

Architect: NBBJ Architects
General Contractor: Walsh Construction
Completion: 2018


Project Description:

The Denny Substation project is unique to say the least. Not only from a design aspect, but also from an environmental aspect as well. The exterior cladding system incorporates a sloped curtain wall with translucent glazing that is designed to provide a soft glow to the station at night. These sloped walls meet at the building intersections to create compound mitered corners and provide unique perspectives inside and out. Beyond the design the building is also promotes Seattle City Light's commitment to environmental stewardship vias the use of an arroy of solar panels and a heat recovery system that will sustain 100% of the heating needs for the facility. The addition of this substation will provide a much needed upgrade to the electrical system for the city of Seattle and ensure it has the capacity to meet the growing demand all of the new construction and residents will require in the coming years.

Mission Glass will utilize 3D software to help model the complex geometry required to design and build the curtain wall systems and ensure all of the unique features of the project turn out as anticipated. While this will be a difficult job to both fabricate and install, requiring extensive coordination, we look forward to adding this to our growing repertoire of increasing sophistication in our designs.