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South Seattle Community College - Colin Building Addition; Seattle, WA

Architect: Schreiber, Starling & Lane Architects

General Contractor: Construction Enterprises & Contractors

Completion: Summer 2012

Products/Services Supplied:

  • Kawneer 1600 Curtain Wall
  • Kawneer Trifab 601T Storefronts
  • Kawneer Entrance Doors
  • Vitro Glazings Fabricated by Northwestern Industries

This addition to the South Seattle Community College mixed multiple tinted glass types supplied by Northwestern Industries to create a unique random pattern within the curtain wall system. The differentiating tints all had a Solarban60 Low-E coating on the interior with either clear, Atlantica, or Azuria glazing on the exterior to provide contrasting tones. Careful material procurement and oversight ensured that the architect’s vision was realized and each glazing panel was properly located. The final result is a focal point that stands out as a unique feature on the main facade while still being able to seamlessly integrate itself into the existing structure.