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What are Operable Windows and Access-Points?

Windows provide occupant control of their interior environment and can be seamlessly integrated into any storefront or curtain wall system. They also allow occupants to interact with the exterior environment, or even exterior occupants in the case of transaction or drive-up windows.

Typically integrated with manual human-operated hardware but can also be integrated into a building HVAC system to provide fresh air to supplement heating and cooling loads with automated window devices.

We have strong relationships with many of the largest commercial window manufacturers in the country. This wide range of products means we can meet any market segment requirement from sliding transaction windows to historic retrofits.

Due to our single-source processes for storefront and curtain wall fabrication and installation, we can provide operable windows and access-points in any system that typically only houses fixed glass panes. We’ve even used in-house design and engineering to create custom windows used for roof access points or media press boxes and baseball fields; we enjoy the challenge of providing custom components in traditional glazing systems.

Our Process

Free opening areas are designed into our storefront and curtain wall systems, then carefully coordinated with our window manufacturers to ensure their operable panels integrate perfectly into the final assembly we deliver and install on the project site. In many instances you can’t tell the difference from a fixed glass panel and an operable panel when looking from the exterior due to their “zero sightline” design.

Mission Glass Quality

We provide installation of operable panels that can meet the same rigorous water and air performance requirements of fixed glazing panels. This means building occupants can have more freedom to control their own environment inside the building, while still protecting them from the negative elements that can be present on the building’s exterior.

Mission Glass has had the privilege of providing window services for projects all over the Greater Seattle and Portland areas. Review our project galleries to see how we can help you.