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Project Management

What Project Management Services does Mission Glass provide?

Project Managers are the main source of input and decision-making processes throughout the life of a project. PM is the key contact for high level decision-making processes with the design team and translates those decisions to the fabrication and installation crews.

The intimate knowledge of glazing and fenestration systems of our Project Managers ensures that every detail will be scrutinized and the highest quality and performance will be delivered in the final installed product.

Our Project Managers have an extensive database of knowledge that not only stems from veterans who came up through the ranks as field installers and have an extensive knowledge from an application perspective, but also from tech-savvy Project Managers with a heavy background in digital media that allows for effective prototyping and design of systems that have never been seen before. With close relationships to numerous global manufacturers, our database of information spans generations and borders.

Our Process

Once a project is successfully awarded, it is handed off to a Project Manager. PM assigns staff to compile deliverables for safety, logistics, fabrication, product selection, procurement, and all aspects from early concept to project turnover.

Once key requirements are approved, the PM facilitates turnover to fabrication and makes key decisions regarding means-and-methods of fabrication and installation.

Mission Glass Quality

Our project managers provide continuous oversight of the services and products we provide. Consider the PM your personal liaison for product and service quality control. Our project managers main priority is the success of your glazing project.

Mission Glass provides project management services for projects all over the Greater Seattle and Portland areas. Review our project galleries to see how we can help you.