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What is a Storefront System?

Storefronts are single-span systems that fit between floors of low-rise buildings. They are the most economical option, but also don’t carry the same performance as curtain wall systems. Heights of individual frames are limited to 10-12 feet. They typically integrate entrance doors and building access points in commercial and retail spaces.

Mission Glass understands that for a storefront system to perform successfully it requires not just installing the storefront correctly, but also requires a thorough understanding of the surrounding elements. Mission Glass works closely with other key subcontractors providing the surrounding cladding elements to review details and ensure the building façade is properly sealed off to provide the greatest mitigation of water and air infiltration, even if it involves reviewing work not installed by Mission Glass.

Storefronts are most effectively utilized in smaller retail spaces and at ground-level window openings. In addition to overall cost savings, their ease of fabrication and installation allow for shorter lead time durations and an effective means of closing in a building from the outside elements.

Our Process

Mission uses our sophisticated machinery to accurately cut and drill individual storefront pieces and assembles them into “ladder frames.” These individual frames are then shipped to site where they are typically joined together to create long runs of window openings on small scale and low-rise structures. We also carefully integrate ADA Automatic Operators, Card Readers, and other access control measures at many of the main entrance elements housed within storefront installations.

Mission Glass Quality

While storefront systems are typically among the easiest to install, they also tend to be the most problematic due to installation errors or omissions. Mission Glass’ experience with high-end and high-performance requirements are not unique to high-end projects; we provide the same level of detail and review of our installations no matter the size or scope. When it comes to storefront systems, this means we provide multiple layers of protection above-and-beyond the manufacturer’s typical installation instructions to ensure that water is effectively mitigated and the system will perform throughout the life of the building.

Mission Glass has had the privilege of providing storefront services for projects all over the Greater Seattle and Portland areas. Review our project galleries to see how we can help you.