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What Preconstruction Services does Mission Glass provide?

The early phase of a project where design details are analyzed and modified to be more accurate and specific to a certain installation method or to be refined for better overall performance of the fenestration assemblies.

Mission Glass integrates 3d modeling at all levels of the project schedule. On-site 3D printing of prototype parts allow physical inspection of custom components and ensure proper fit and alignment of adjoining elements.

Proven knowledge of a wide variety of fenestration systems ensures not only the window systems will stand up to severe weather environments, but also that the surrounding fenestration systems are adequate to prevent air and water intrusion.

Our Process

We start with a thorough review and markup of architect’s details with recommendations for improved weather performance or potential aesthetic concerns. This results in a window system recommendation that suits design intent and performance requirements.

Deep dive into difficult transitions that may require 3d modeling to visualize the construction or enhance understanding of critical elements. Engineering oversight ensures all structural and seismic requirements meet the latest code requirements

Site review to ensure installation sequencing is suitable for the window system design. Logistics planning for equipment requirements and site access. Safety considerations are addressed at a high level to point out any critical considerations that must be accommodated.

Mission Glass Quality

We’re able to custom-tailor a window system best suited to meet the needs of an individual project. Best time for value engineering (VE) to determine which aesthetic elements can best help set the project apart, while still remaining within budget.

Our products can be reviewed and selected to set a basis of design for minimum requirements and aesthetic characteristics. Complexity of design can be reviewed and engineered to simplify fabrication or installation approaches, saving both time and money.

Mission Glass provides preconstruction services for projects all over the Greater Seattle and Portland areas. Review our project galleries to see how we can help you.