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How does Mission Glass provide on-site Glass Installation and Project Execution Services?

Execution on site is the most visible part of the Mission Glass process, as all the work that has been done in-house is now sent to site and on display for the rest of the construction team, and world to see. Our continued success relies upon the project-specific installation strategy, logistic, and operational controls that are developed during this phase of the project delivery and represent the greatest value to our clients.

Our Process

Prior to materials shipping to site, Mission Glass develops a comprehensive installation strategy that accounts for unique site conditions, schedule requirements, safety, and quality concerns.

Pre-fabricated components are delivered “just-in-time” to allow them to be installed shortly after arriving on site, and avoid having high-value materials sitting on site, waiting to be installed, or taking up floor space on congested worksites. Assembled units are lifted by crane or aerial lift equipment and anchored in place to the structure of the building envelope based on designed engineered connection points.

Final weatherproofing seals and finish elements are carefully installed. All of the hours of work and planning culminate in the final delivery of the finished product, which will remain in place as a prominent component throughout the life of the building.

Mission Glass Quality

The use of the latest 3D scanning and layout technology allows Mission Glass to not only verify existing “as-built” conditions down to the smallest detail, but also ensures that all our installations go in exactly as laid out and drawn (or modeled) during the pre-construction planning process.

Mission Glass provides on-site execution services for projects all over the Greater Seattle and Portland areas. Review our project galleries to see how we can help you.