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Unitized Curtain Wall

What is Unitized Curtain Wall?

Unitized Curtain Wall is fabricated and assembled in a factory-controlled environment. One of the main benefits of utilizing unitized curtain wall is Increased installation speed on site and higher level of quality and performance. It’s typically used in high-rise construction and large volume projects with economies of scale.

Due to the movement characteristics of tall buildings, unitized curtain walls are built to withstand a greater degree of thermal expansion and contraction, seismic movement, inter-story lateral drift, concrete creep and air and water penetration resistance over site-built systems.

Mission Glass handles fabrication, assembly and installation in-house without outsourcing any of the key processes, which results in continuous quality oversight and better control of lead times.

Our Process

  • Extensive research and project analysis in the design phase to deliver the intended design while maintaining highest level of quality and performance.
  • 2D and 3D software used at every step to ensure proper fit-and-finish and to foresee potential clashes in design elements.
  • Automated machining centers are used to cut, drill, route, punch, notch and tag all components to provide the highest level of precision.
  • Once fully assembled, the final units are crated in the order they will be installed on site and sent out on dedicated trucks to the jobsite to await installation on the structure.

Mission Glass Quality

Mission Glass continually implements new technology and equipment in our planning, fabrication and assembly processes. This ability to seamlessly integrate the newest practices allows for continual process improvement and increasing levels of quality and safety from begging to end.

Mission Glass has had the privilege of providing curtain wall services for projects all over the Greater Seattle and Portland areas. Review our project galleries to see how we can help you.