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Fabrication Services

What Fabrication Services does Mission Glass provide?

Any number of in-house processes that Mission Glass self-performs on any and all of our fenestration systems. Fabrication is the backbone of Mission Glass and is a testament to our overall quality, ingenuity and ability to deliver high-profile complex projects.

Our Process

Fabrication engineers review approved drawings and design details to input fabrication data into software that feeds down to our automated machining centers. Pre-finished stock length materials are cut-to-size, pre-drilled and meticulously labeled and bundled at the machining centers. All individual parts are grouped or “kitted” to represent all of the materials needed to make a full assembled curtain wall, storefront or fenestration “unit”.

These parts are assembled according to project-specific fabrication instructions. The parts include aluminum frame members, small accessories, gaskets, glass infill panels, metal infill panels, insulation, backpans and even sunshades or self-tinting glazing.

Once units are fully assembled they are carefully “addressed” to define where exactly they install on the building, then put into a crate with other similar units and stored until ready to ship to site.

Mission Glass Quality

Mission Glass has developed a culture of continual process improvement, much of which is centered around new technologies and new fabrication equipment and machinery. By incorporating automation into many of our typical processes, we have precise control over the tolerances involved in all of our fabrications, which lead to less human error, faster production and less dependency on 3rd party fabricators and vendors.

Mission Glass provides fabrication services for projects all over the Greater Seattle and Portland areas. Review our project galleries to see how we can help you.