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UW North Campus Student Housing, Seattle, WA

Architect: Kieran Timberlake Architects

General Contractor: W.G. Clark Construction

Completion: June 2018

Products/Services Supplied:

  • Kawneer Trifab 451UT Storefronts
  • Kawneer AA425 Entrance Doors
  • Vitro Low-E Glazing by Northwestern Industries

McCarty and Hagget Halls at the University of Washington's Seattle Campus were determined to be too outdated to simply be renovated due to new code requirements, as well as cost of renovations versus full replacement. The two existing dormitories were replaced with the three separate halls as part of the North Campus Student Housing Phase IV(a) Project. While part of a single project, the three separate buildings created unique challenges due to the overlapping schedules that essentially created three separate projects all occurring concurrently.

In order to be successful, this required quick fabrication and turn-around of materials as soon as field measurements could be taken. Mission Glass' streamlined approach and automated fabrication centers allowed materials to be programmed, shop assembled, and shipped to site in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, which was a contributing factor to the successful completion of this project. Our past success on the UW Campus also allowed us to foresee potential coordination hurdles and provide solutions in the early planning stages prior to them becoming an issue in the field.

While the products installed by Mission Glass were not highly customized, they provided energy performance that far exceed those of the existing dorms that were torn down, as well as outperformed the minimum code requirements, all which help to reduce heating & cooling loads over the life of the new buildings. The high recycled content of the aluminum extrusions also helped greatly to contribute to the project receiveing LEED(R) Gold Certification.