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Watershed Office Building, Seattle, WA

Architect: Weber Thompson Architects

General Contractor: Turner Construction Company

Completion: Spring 2020

Products/Services Supplied:

  • Oldcastle Reliance Curtain Wall Systems
  • Oldcastle Thermal Composite Entrances
  • Electrochromic Glazing by VIEW, Inc.
  • Vitro Solarban 60 Coating Glazing by Northwestern Industries
  • Nanawall Folding Door

Located directly across the street from the Tableau Data 1 building and in the heart of Fremont, Watershed office building was only the third project to pursue Seattle's Living Building Program. The Living Building Program is a rigorous green building certification program that provides incentives to projects that incorporate strict water and energy conservation into their design.

One of the main components in the energy conservation was achieved from the use of VIEW Electrochromic glass, which allows the glass to slowly transition from clear to nearly black, similar to what occurs with Transitions glass lenses. Tinting to a near black helps to drastically reduce solar heat gain in the summer, thus reducing cooling loads that would typically be required to maintain comfort levels on the building interior. This electrochromic glazing was incorporated into a unitized curtain wall system and is prevalent on the glass "cube" on the upper floors that projects out over the sidewalk below.

All of the materials on the project were also carefully scrutinized to avoid the Green Petal Certification Program's "Red List." The Red List materials are considered to be most damaging to the environment and are not allowed to be incorporated into the project at any stage in the manufacturing or final installation. This initiative requires manufacturers to look internally to reduce these harmful chemicals in their typical production processes and look toward future sustainability along every step of the way.

Watershed, with its high sustainability and cutting edge technologies, is right at home in the self-proclaimed "Center of the Universe" Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.